Special Bits and Multi-Piece Sets

XZN101.jpg XZN101
XZN Triple Square Drivers Set XZN4 THRU XZN18. 11 Piece Set, One Piece Drivers With 3/8" Sq. Drive. The Same Set As Our Most Popular XZN100, with 3 New Sizes XZN7, XZN9 & XZN18. Made of S2 Steel The Strongest, Hardest Steel Available. Satin Chrome Plating With A Black Tip, in a Plastic Case.
VHC77.jpg VHC77
$131.32 VHC77
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VIM Half Cut Bit Set, 77 pc, 5/8" long bits, all Torx, Hex , XZN Phillips and flat
sd4xzn.jpg SD4XZN
Special 4mm XZN screwdriver for VW and Audi door locks
vb5200.jpg VB5200
XZN Triple Square Bit Set 4 Pc includes: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm bits in 3/8" Sq.Dr. holders
vb5201.jpg VB5201
XZN Triple Square 3" Long Bit Set 4 Pc includes: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm & 12mm bits in 3/8" Sq.Dr. holders, on rail
vb5600.jpg VB5600
Ribe Bit Set 3 Pc 6mm, 8mm & 10mm bits in 3/8" Sq.Dr. holders
vis106.jpg VIS106
Phillips & Flat Tip Bit Set 11 Pc 5/32" thru 5/16" flat & P0 thru P3 bits, VI10 magnetic driver & 1/4" hex X 1/4" Sq.Dr. chrome bit holder in green plastic box
vis110.jpg VIS110
Torx, Hex, Phillips, Flat & Posi-Drive Bits Set 31 Pc T8 thru T40, Hex 3/32" thru 5/16", Phillips P0 thru P3, Flat 5/32 thru 5/16", Pozi Drive P1 thru P3, VI10 mag. driver in green plastic box
xzn100.jpg XZN100
XZN Stubby Driver Set 8 Pc 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm & 16mm ; 3/8" Sq.Dr. one piece drivers in blue plastic box
xzn400.jpg XZN400
XZN Triple Square Long Bit Set 9 pc. Set, XZN4 thru XZN18 Drivers, black S2 drive biets with Ni-Cr Bit Holders 4" Long, Packaged in a blow mold box with window. Vim Brand with Color Sleeve
xzns412.jpg XZNS412
XZN Stubby Triple Sq. 6 pc Set includes XZNS4, XZNS5, XZNS6, XZNS8, XZNS10, XZNS12 mounted on Blue 4" Magrail TL Base for use on all German vehicles
ujxzn100.jpg UJXZN100
Universal Joint XZN 6 piece Set. This set includes UJXZN4 thru UJXZN12 all with 1/4" square drives, assembled on MR4B6A-00 Magnetic Base.
xzns1000.jpg XZNS1000
9 piece Stubbie XZN triple square driver set includes XZN4,XZN5,XZN6, & XZN8 with 1/4" square drive. XZN10,XZN12,& XZN14 with 3/8" sq. drive and XZN16, & XZN18 with 1/2" sq. dr. Sizes XZN14, 16 & 18 have tamper proof holes. Satin Chrome packaged on MagrailTL Socket rack.
v3452.jpg V3452
Poly Drive Head Bolt Tool, VW & Audi Head Bolts 10mm, 6 point
MTS100.jpg MTS100
MORTORQ® SUPER SPIRAL DRIVE SYSTEM 6 piece set. Sizes 00, 0, 1, 2, 3 & 4 All on 3/8” square drive. For servicing fasteners found on GM & Chrysler vehicles.Full driver contact of recess. O ffer extreme high-torque capabilities Made of S2 Steel, limited lifetime waranty