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TMS77 Tool Review

I purchased a set and received it UPS today. Wow! I have been a mechanic for 35 years and the last 28 at Doughertyautomotive.com I am used to buying tools off the tool trucks. Primarily Snap on and then Mac Tools. A Torx set from t15 to t55 from Snap On is $259 plus Pa 6% Tax. Hard to believe the value of this set. I haven't used them yet, however, I can tell they are quality from the weight, feel and finish. The case is also very nice with real hinged latches and handle. I have been eyeballing the socket rails you sell. They look extremely nice.
Paul R. Patterson

TDI100 Review

My name is Tim Sutter and my company is Select Electrics. I just want to inform other professionals of the TDI100 Torx driver Set that we have in our shop. The Torx drivers have been extremely useful in the repair and maintenance of today's modern vehicles. I buy mostly Snap-On, Matco, and Mac tools. One day I needed to use a set of Torx drivers on a job that I would be doing out of the shop. I borrowed the TDI100 set one of the guys in the shop had as I did not want to bring my Snap-On Torx socket set. I found them so handy that I continue to use his Torx set instead of grabbing a socket and ratchet and extension. I fully expected the tool heads to round off after a while believing that a set for this price would be a disposable set. Boy was I wrong. The steel in this set has stood up to some of the most stuck fasteners and the soft grips allows me to really get a good twist on the offending screws. This set now lives on the top of my tool box as I now reach for them first.
Sincerely Tim Sutter
Select Electrics, Berkeley CA.

SHM400 Review

I've been useing your SHM400 stubby metric allen driver set for over a year now and I'm very pleased with the quality and strength of the bits. I'm a professional technician and I use your products every day. I'm also a big fan of your new line of magnetic rails. They do a great job of keeping my sockets organized without taking up any extra space. Good Job VIM !
Sincerely Niles Todd
Portland, Or.
Thank you for making quality tools that can be purchased at reasonable prices. I have bought VIM Tools previously, from a Vulcan Dealer in Kenner,LA., I just bought the new Female Swivel Torx Socket Set UJET100, from my Cornwell Dealer here in Euless, Texas.. At the time he hadn't yet heard about it, I showed him the add from Professional Tool and Equipment news, he did a quick search and ordered my set, he wound up ordering several more and told me that they have been selling very well- he thanked me for letting him know about them. He currently has the Torx Combination Set WTC 624 on order for me. I think my next set will be HXLM100 - do these have the same diameter the whole length of the hex bit? I have another set that I have had a long time, can't remember who made it, but it has metric hex bits that get larger in diameter approx 1/4" from the end - several VW's 4 cyl. engines require a 5mm long hex, to remove the upper plenum, but the access will not allow a bit that is larger thru to the bolt. I look at your Website often and have become a Fan of your Tools. If you could send me a catalog or any New Tool Flyers that would be Great - you can be sure I will let my tool dealer know
Vernon Campbell
Midcities Service Center Euless, Texas
Dear Sirs: I am a former franchise dealer that now runs an independent tool truck. As I began shopping the new wide open market, I ran across your product line. I started to carry your Torx Master set TMS34PF and you Master Hex set HMS26 which both sold like crazy! I used to sell the other stuff that looks like your product in the blue case. After many happy customers, I have decided that the VIM line is far superior in strength and durability to the look alike. Maybe it's the S2 Steel that you use, maybe it's just the way you make it? Whatever it is, IT WORKS AND IT'S STRONG! Aside from superiority in strength, you beat their prices by a landslide, and that makes more money for me and happier customers as well! Thank you for making a product that I as an independent dealer can depend on and sell with confidence!
Matt Sledge
Tech's Choice Tools and Equipment
Murfreesboro, TN
Mr. Norton, Thank you for the quick response. I will return the defective plier in the envelope provided. It is obvious that VIM is customer driven and this is what will keep me as a VIM customer for a long time to come. In today's day and age, it seems that many vendors are only interested in selling a product with no service when a problem arises. Other tool manufacturers should take a lesson from VIM.
Eric Glass
Tappan, New York
Dear Sirs: I bought my HBR5, What an incredible wrench. Replaced a door motor for the heating unit in a Pontiac Vibe. No other wrench would fit. Made my money back it 15 minutes. Love this little ratchet. Well done. Need to look at your other tools.


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